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Be found online.


Be found online.


I am a student applied computer sciences in Ghent with a big interest in marketing and future technologies.

By creating websites I can combine both of my passions. I would love to help businesses reach their goals by providing them with a perfect fitting website.

As a person I am studious and open minded, I'm always up for a new challenge!
Currently I am studying abroad in Copenhagen.


Web development

Creating websites is a passion since I started playing around with computers.

We can work together and think about what type of websites suites your goals the best. Together we can create a website which looks beautiful on all types of devices.


SEO stands for search engine optimization.

By using multiple techniques and profiling the content of your website in a certain way it is possible to get your site higher ranked in google. Isn’t this something we all want?



screenshot of houser

This is a website where people can create an account as an agent or as a seller.
As a buyer you can search houses on a map and contact the owner
as a seller you can put your houses on sale.

Used Technologies:

logo php logo php


screenshot of houser

This is a wesbite for a ji jitsu club in Ghent. Users are able to login and see training schedules which are made for them. This tool can be used at home and during the training sessions. It was also a tool to keep track of the students for the trainers of the club.

Used Technologies:

logo php logo c-sharp dot net c-sharp logo sql

Tennis Stairs

screenshot of tennis Tournament

This is an application where tennis players can register and challenge each other. Win as many matches as possible and rise in the ranking!

Used Technologies:

logo php logo c-sharp dot net c-sharp logo sql

Erasmus Connect

screenshot of the erasmus connect app

During my exchange program my friends and I noticed that there is a need for a social network for erasmus students. We created an application where people could search for each other and have a conversation in the chat.

Used Technologies:

logo php logo c-sharp logo sql

Darts 501

screenshot of the dart app

My friends and I were playing darts in a bar but they didn't provide a mechanism to count the score. Intuitivly we searched for an app or website. We didn't really found what we were looking for, so I decided to make one myself.

Used Technologies:

logo php logo PWA


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